As a premier shell construction firm located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Shell Basix is dedicated to providing comprehensive, turnkey shell construction solutions for all of your projects. Our expertise spans across every stage of development, from foundations to fascia, delivering end-to-end labor and materials for pilings and piling caps, foundations, stem-walls, slabs, CMU block, post-tension systems, cast-in-place features, structural steel and framing. With over three decades of experience in general construction along Florida's West Coast, we've cultivated a network of robust relationships with the region's top materials suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring consistent delivery of superior structures within negotiated budgets and schedules.

At Shell Basix, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality shells at competitive pricing for our clients sets us apart in the industry. Our extensive shell construction knowledge, coupled with our diverse network of suppliers and subcontractors across Florida's West Coast, positions us as a valuable partner and scaling solution for your single-family, multi-family, and commercial development projects. We collaborate with each client to establish a realistic and achievable project timeline and we take pride in consistently meeting completion dates while staying within budget. Our dedicated team focuses on providing versatile, efficient, and client-friendly shell construction solutions, while our fully integrated and automated machine learning algorithms enables us to minimize scheduling timeline gaps through automation to optimize opportunities and exceed your expectations. Our proficiency in schedule optimization and critical path automation allows our development group to anticipate and mitigate complex problems and potential delays, ensuring that your development project stays on track and that you meet your deliverable dates.

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